May 1
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A short Easter trip to the rivers of the Atlas Mountains; eight kayakers, one Transit van, and ten days. In amongst the food, wildlife, and cultural experiences, we also managed to find some top quality adventure kayaking.

There’s some great whitewater to be had in Morocco. Finding it and catching the rivers with any water in is a worthwhile challenge and adventure. Relying on snow-melt from the high Atlas Mountains, the rivers of Morocco tend to have a short season. In April, we found good quality water in the Ahesnal, Oum er Rhiba, and Sefrou rivers.

Chris Eastabrook Morocco

Chris Eastabrook on the Oum er Rhiba


The paddling wasn’t the hardest and we didn’t get as much boating in as we could have if the van had been a bit more co-operative or the had been a touch more snow melt in the High Atlas, but as an experience and a chilled out trip with good friends, it would be hard to beat. Often on kayaking trips I can get quite stressed in focusing on trying to maximise the amount of boating, but I on this one I was getting quite into participating in the national pass-time of Sitting Around.

I would recommend that everyone add Morocco to your destination wish list, regardless of your level of kayaking, and the sooner the better as we did encounter a few large dam construction projects on the trip, so some of these rivers, especially the Oum er Riba may not be around for much longer…